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Poem to a son

Publicerat: juli 10, 2014 i Dikt
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Poem to a son

You told me not to care
You told me not to swear
But I´m the one who sits here
And you´re alone out there

Well, you´re right it´s your life
So who am I to tell
You live with another’s wife
That have all when you’re in hell

(Now) Christmas Eve I made a Call
To a city far from here
You sat alone in some Hall
And my breath stopped right there

You’re my son, you’re my life
My heart aces it’s to sad
I couldn’t tell our family
Your mome would cry so badly

Perhaps I’m old and don’t know all
But love has no exceptions
There is no life in the hall
Just a long and empty fall

/B Peratt